Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fishes & Dishes a finalist for cookbook of the year from ForeWord Reviews!


  1. Congratulations, Kiyo, Tomi, and Laura! Well-deserved, and I'm thrilled for you. "Fishes & Dishes" was my favorite cookbook on the boat last season, but before I got to use it much, we took a hard roll in a nasty SE. Everything went flying across the counter, including the Brita pitcher and a bottle of Listerine whose cap hadn't been fastened down. My F&D copy was a sad casualty, pages stuck together pepperminty-tight ever after. I'll be taking a new copy along this season!

    Thanks much to you all for putting such a beautiful collection together and sharing your stories.

  2. Thanks! Oh, the joys of cooking in the ditch! The recipe on your blog for Black Cod looks divine, my favorite fish :) I love those kabobs at Two Girls stand in Sitka.